Oh India!!

January 13-26, 2019
8th annual epic, intimate and magical tour of South. India.

Samia will guide you to hidden and magical places along the way. We will wake up in the beautiful mist of the Coorgi hills. We will weave through mystical ancient markets. We will eat dinner as the sun goes down over the Arabian Sea and spend time with Samia’s long time Indian friends visiting temples with elephants in costume and chasing decorated cows jumping over fire….

Samia has been traveling to and working in India for 15 years and has found some beautiful places and met some amazing people. This tour will give you a glimpse into the life she has experienced there.

Limited to 6 adventurous women who have a sense of humor and want to see 'hidden' India, in an intimate way.

Email us here for more information: samia@karazidesign.com

Anyone who is/has been considering this trip MUST take the plunge and go for it. It truly was the adventure of a lifetime with the amazing, knowledgeable and adventurous Samia leading the way!! Wish I could go every year... ~Emily 2012
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